Pipework and Pumps

Pipework installations and alterations can be undertaken from ½” upto 48”, all designed and fabricated off-site to minimise disruption on site.

Complex pipework manifolds and complex installations are all modelled & designed on CAD in 3D to ensure a perfect fit whilst minimising the need for site welds & site alterations.

Pumps, valves & fittings can all be supplied at competitive prices and lead times from a wide variety of suppliers, alternatively free issue items can be incorporated in the design & installation where required.

Replacement pump discharge

Replacement pump discharge line incorporating new valve

Piperwork and Pumps

Replacement bend section due to corrosion


New manifold section – fully scotch coated

Steel Lines

2 x New mild steel lines to replace corroded originals

Feed Lines

Fabricated & fitted new feed lines, mild steel

Plenty Filters

2 x New plenty filters and associated pipework supplied & fitted

3 Way Valve

Replacement st/st 3 way valve and associated pipework

9 tonne pump and 6 tonne motor fully refurbished

9 tonne pump and 6 tonne motor fully refurbished

3 Way Valve

Motor & Pump on support frame and guard