WWTW Equipment

SBT have extensive experience of working on Waster Water & Clean Water Sites for the UK's utility companies, our ability to cover the repair and refurbishment of virtually all inlet and secondary process equipment has proved invaluable in keeping equipment running without the expense of renewing & replacing un-necessarily.

Aerator Drive Installation

Archimedes Screw prior to removal

Screw conveyor measured for replacement

Flooring available in GRP or galvanised steel

Damaged Drag Link Chain

New screws available in a range of diameters and pitches

Drag link chain drive wheels and guides all available from SBT

Grit Rake Installation

Inclined spiral screen, removed refurbished and awaiting installation

New Archimedes screw fabricated & awaiting installation

screw pump bearing assembly fully overhauled & installed

New Open Tread Flooring

New Screw and Liner

Twin Archimedes screws following bottom bearing replacement

Refurbished Conveyor Commissioning